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SLA (Service Quality Assurance System)

Teachme Biz’s quality of service is defined as follows. If it is lower than this, we will reduce or refund part of the usage fee accordingly.

Quality of Service Level

Monthly rate of operation is 99.5%

Overview of quality assurance system

 Service of Teachme Biz (the following referred to as “this service”)
 If failure occurrence time exceeds 0.5% in 720 hours per month. ※ Operating time per month varies depending on month.
 Hours of operation in a month is the period from the first day to the last day of the calendar month.
 Period starting from the failure point of time below until confirming of failure recovery.
(1) When the customer notifies the company that the failure has occurred and the company confirms the fact of failure.
(2) When the company confirms the fact of failure and notifies the customers about this. 
 When the service is fully recovered.

Scope of Application

When a failure caused by this service affects other services.

When a failure occurs in the network managed by the company.

Exemption of application

In the event of a failure to connect to our network.

In the event of a failure due to equipment/facilities outside our control.

In the event that the company conducts maintenance work.

In the event of natural disasters, epidemic spread and malicious third party interference.

In the event due to users’ action that violates the obligation specified in Teachme Biz Terms of Service.

In the event of discontinuation of service provision specified in Teachme Biz Terms of Service.

Other events when the company is exempted from responsibility specified in Teachme Biz terms of use.

When the service falls below the guaranteed quality

In the case where the rate of operation (the rate obtained by dividing the time of operating Teachme Biz started in the current month by the total time of the current month) is less than 99.5% and there is a request from the customer. We will refund the amount equivalent to 10% of usage fee in the customer’s next bill or transfer this amount to the customer’s bank account. (*)

* If the rate of operation of that month falls below the guarantee criteria, please contact us by the 20th of the following month.

* Please note that request made after the above deadline will not be accepted.

* In case of refund, the amount will be refunded in the next target month.

* If the company determines that the failure occurred due to reasons specified in the Exemption of application, we will not be subject to the above refund.



Established in March 4, 2014​​

Revised in May 1, 2017

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