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Online SOP WI Management Platform  

Visualize, Convey and Share the Procedure

Why Teachme Biz ?

Teachme Biz is a manual creation, sharing and management platform that allows you to see, communicate, and expand work procedures efficiently and simply. Anyone can create the manual step-by-step with images/video.

Get SOP done faster

75% time reduction in SOP, WI creation (according to user surveys)

Get messages across, simply

Create manual with photo/vdo step-by-step that anyone can just “look” and understand.

Fully equipped with functions

Make manual simple to use in order to uphold work standards, come with QR code, Search function, Task delivery, and Online training function.

How can Teachme biz help your business?

Optimize Productivity

Set Up Business Management Standards

Begin Digital Transformation Journey

Reduce Organization Cost

Develop Employees Multitasking Skills

Transform Individual Expertise into Organization

Trusted by over 100 companies in Thailand
and ASEAN countries

Know more about Teachme Biz

Teachme Biz Testimonials


“When I saw how Teachme Biz works for the first time, I  quite liked it. It is based on the idea that “Simple is the Best”—not too many buttons and not too complicated. When used with real employees It turns out that the response was better than expected.”

K. Siripen U.Worakul, President, Teral Thai

BBB Case Study page_Feature image

Highball Bar & Restaurant

Based on my experience, it is difficult to accurately convey things using only words, so I found Teachme Biz is very appealing since it can visually convey information.

K. Shoichi Suzuki, Chief Operating Officer, Being Beyond Borders



“We use Teachme Biz to create our system usage manual for both internal and external in order to support our customer, leading to a reduction of incoming queries by more than half as well as training time dropped by more than 40%”

K. Tatsuya Watanabe, Managing Director, Neo Thai Asia


Does free trial available?

There are two types of trials that can be used:
1) Trial in the workshop with Teachme Biz devices – Suitable for people who want to learn how Teachme Biz works. We’ll explain the usage and provide examples from our case study. The devices is available for participants to try out. Click here to schedule the appointment.

2) Trial with your devices – Suitable for the organization that would like to apply Teachme Biz for your business. This trial requires you to attend an online meeting and usage training with Teachme Biz.

Please contact LineOA : @studist.th / Call: 092-284-4733 / E-mail: contact-th(@)studist.co.th

What is Teachme Biz?

Teachme Biz is an online visual SOP management platform that allows you to create, manage and share manuals easily by just using a smartphone to upload photos/videos.

Can I see SOP WI created on Teachme Biz?

Click here to see Teachme Biz manual examples.

What is the price ?
Who is going to create the manual if I utilize Teachme Biz?

The user will create the manual, but Teachme Biz will offer guidance and support for its creation and usage. Click here for supporting details. 
Alternatively, please get in touch with us to get the manual creation service here at LineOA : @studist.th / Call: 092-284-4733 / E-mail: contact-th(@)studist.co.th

Does tutorial available ?

We provide step-by-step and ongoing support once the contract begins. Cover all inquiries regarding management issues, usage training, and follow-up on usage, as well as provide suggestions to improve PDCA implementation throughout Teachme Biz contract term.

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