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I want to pass on the years of experiences and skills to my juniors in a visible way.

Inoue Case Study Teachme Biz EN

Introduction Purpose

Improve the efficiency of manual creation and handing down techniques


There were no manuals. Most staff work from their own individual experience


Reduce manual creation time by 70%. Easier to search for the old documents

Company Profile

Inoue Seibi Center Co., Ltd




3369 Kuragano-cho, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture


10 – 50 staffs

Business type



Sales, parts sales, vehicle inspection maintenance Specified voluntary inspection

Usage method

Operation and System manual


We must promote manual preparation so that the proficient skills will not disappear.

―――Please tell us the background of bringing in Teachme Biz.

Our company, Inoue Seibi Center sells, repairs, inspects and maintains construction machinery, and supports customers to operate the machine safely and efficiently. When I joined Inoue Seibi Center, there was no manual at all! I felt risky that the proficient skills and knowledge that had to be handed down to the next generation would be gone. Nevertheless, even when I began to create a manual, it did not progress. Since manuals were created by pasting images on Office software such as Word and Excel, it required much time and effort that caused progress delay and slowness. Besides, even if we hired new staff, we could neither create uniformal manual nor develop human resources as the teaching method varied individually. Hence we were considering to introduce a tool that allows us to create manuals easily and we got to know Teachme Biz so we decided to bring it in.

inoue case study

Mr. Seita Inoue, Director and General Manager of Inoue Seibi Center Co., Ltd.

―――What made you decide to bring in Teachme Biz?

I considered for one year until bringing in Teachme Biz and even participated in the workshops. Our industry is far from IT but I found it is easy to bring in Teachme Biz because it can be operated by iPad intuitively. The field staff who accompanied me to the workshop gave me the consensus, so I made a decision in the following month to bring in Teachme Biz. The feature of manual creation by selecting photos and adding comments can be utilized not just for a manual but can be a tool to create documents for the clients. It is very handy since we can show the document by iPad. Until then, it was very challenging to avoid mistakes generated by human error since the service proposals were made to the customers by highly depending on memory and oral communication of service staff. However, using Teachme Biz, allowed us to keep the record in the manual for example, made us feel the benefits of various usage and that gave us a push to bring in Teachme Biz.

―――What type of manual do you make?

It is mainly utilized as a list of vehicle machinery, so-called “medical record” writing history of management/repair. Presently, about 400 records have been created. Annually, we carry out legal inspection and maintenance, take pictures of faulty parts, create the “medical record”, and report and propose the repair to the customers directly. Teachme Biz also supports PDF output of created manuals, which is convenient when we cannot have a face to face meeting with the customers. In case of the special repair, you can record the operation itself and utilize it as a report to the customer. I also wish it is eventually used to inherit traditional skills to young people.

utilize teachme biz

Report issues by showing photos with comments – easier to understand!

Time to create documents is cut down by 70%! Skilled technicians can now create the documents by iPad.

―――How was the result after bringing in Teachme Biz?

When we used Office software, it took us an hour to create a manual so we needed to work overtime. After bringing in Teachme Biz, it allowed us to create manuals during working hours because it took only 20 min to complete. Editing images such as inserting symbols and words can be done without using other softwares so the process to create manuals can also be reduced.


Since it is a cloud service, you can share the manuals from anywhere. Besides, the details of viewing authority can be set for each folder, it became possible for staff who did not take charge of the inspection to be able to take care of the customer. Moreover, you can search the manual by manual content, search tag, and manual name so it improved the efficiency of management and that enabled us to reach out for manuals quickly.

Initially, there were some confusions among field staff, however, we managed to bring in Teachme Biz smoothly because the operation lecture is provided to the staff during “Initial support.” Now our oldest staff at the age of 68 is even managed and enjoyed using it. This made us realize that Teachme Biz is a very user-friendly tool for the service staff on site as well.

future utilize teachme biz

Inoue Seibi will utilize Teachme Biz to create manual for people in the next generation and for business growth

―――Please tell us how you will utilize it in future?

Although utilizing Teachme Biz to create manuals for the vehicle machinery list has been preceded, we would like to promote the making of operation manuals mainly for the office work, such as usage of private devices, that we originally needed to have.

At present the maintenance industry is facing serious issues such as declining birthrate, aging population, and lack of successors. Especially small and medium-sized companies who keep a culture of “learning by looking at the seniors” face a really tough situation. As there are plenty of tasks other than routine work, it is unrealistic to teach all new staff from A to Z. On top of that, it is not always necessary to recruit new employees every year, so the trainers feel hesitations over the teaching method.

Therefore, I think preparing manuals, while bringing in a useful tool like Teachme Biz, is one of the solutions for young people who is responsible for the next generation and for business growth. And then, I wish years of experience and skills cultivated by the senior staff are handed down to the junior staff in a visible way.

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