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Shorten info sharing and training time. Start up new stores also goes smoothly.

nakamura-san manso

Manso Co., Ltd.


To make clear and concise manuals


Workload of making manuals, searchability


Information delivery time to staff is shortened, new store start up also goes smoothly

Manso Co., Ltd. expands supermarket business focusing on Hiroshima City. Since the establishment in 1960, the company has been concentrating on the concept of “Better products, lower price”. For example, they put the concept into practice by centralizing the processing operations of perishable products at a Process Center to control the labor cost of each store.

Manso started with introducing Teachme Biz to its discount supermarket Alzo, then expanded its use to the headquarter and its affiliated company named Clearvalue, which plays a role of a Process Center.

We had an opportunity to talk to Mr.Tomohiko Nakamura, General Manager of Store Management Department and Miss Manami Miura, of Business System Department about how to use Teachme Biz at stores, the transformation before and after the introduction of Teachme Biz, as well as the vision of the future usage.


Teachme Biz, an ideal tool for newcomers’ training

――What brought you to know about Teachme Biz?
Before bringing Teachme Biz into the company, we did not even have manuals at our stores. Work methods and procedures differed from person to person. We could not even standardize, simplify our work, or differentiate our business in such a situation. At the time, we had no idea how much manpower, time, or expense we could put on making manuals. We did not even know if it would work or not. So, we decided to make paper-based manuals first.
We tried to use Office software to make manuals but when there were many work procedures, the manuals got complicated and the amount of texts kept increasing. While I was trying to come up with a way to make manuals easier to understand, someone introduced me to Teachme Biz.

――What made you decide to go for Teachme Biz?

There was feedback from manual users that it is tough to read the manual with an increasing amount of texts. So, we cut down the texts and used flow charts and photos instead. But that ended up adding more workload to the manual creators.
But with Teachme Biz, we can make manuals that allow users to have a clearer picture by explaining through videos. When I tried it out, it was easy to use. There was also a great advantage in terms of time saving. 

Teachme Biz also has a Search Function by keywords, which I always wanted. I could feel that the operation would go smoothly. This makes Teachme Biz the ideal tool for training new employees I have long pursued.


manso nakamura and miura san

(Left) Mr.Tomohiko Nakamura, General Manager of Store Management Department | (Right) Miss Manami Miura, Business System Department

Keep everyone informed about the frequently updated info promptly

――Please give us some examples of how you use Teachme Biz.

We used to have 2 people making manuals in the beginning. But now we changed to 1 person (as of January 2022). There are 535 store manuals and 469 manuals for fruit and vegetables, meat, fresh fish, side dishes, and process control, including those of Clearvalue, our affiliated company. The total amount reached 1555.

We have common manuals relevant to everyone such as How to use a knife cutter, How to dress, How to use timecard etc. to specific manuals for each department such as How to operate a cash register, How to receive Manso Card, How to display products on shelves, How to clean, How to pack products, How to do meat process etc. We use these manuals when we open a new store or hire a new staff member. Though, even with the same work, we have different versions of manuals, one for managers and one for part-time workers as the checkpoints are not the same.

Teachme Biz plays a big part at the times when we have new machines, when there are new functions on the store’s smartphones, or when trouble occurs to the equipment or the material we are using etc. Now we can also keep everyone updated quickly on the fast-changing information like cash-register-related information – How to use the cash register when the version is updated to a cashless payment or How to deal with troubles etc.

We set a learning structure of work with complex movements for staff to grasp the overall flow thru videos first, then learn the important point of each motion after.

manso teachme biz

――How do you inform everyone of the latest updates?

Our basic rule is, when there is an update, we will send a link of the manuals to all store managers via company internal email. Then each store manager will inform the staff involved in the work. We also re-send manuals of tasks only done once a year and likely to be forgotten such as How to handle seasonal merchandise that changes by seasons, in an appropriate timing.

There is a regulation that a store manager has to check emails 5 times a day, so that they can inform everyone smoothly. We also provide 1 laptop, 1 desktop at each store and 1 tablet in the break room, so staff can access Teachme Biz.

――How did you make Teachme Biz become a part of the organization?

We have some documents that are different from other companies. It is quite inconvenient to find them. So, we made an Index Page (see an image below) and gathered related contents together. Manuals created by Teachme Biz have an individual URL for each of them. So by linking them from the Index Page, each department’s manuals and the Search Page will be displayed instantly. It is already an extremely easy-to-use tool. And this function makes Teachme Biz widely spread across our company even further.

manso_teachme biz

More than 1,000+ manuals in just 1 platform

Deliver information effectively at 85% faster than the past, reduce staff training time at new stores by 70%. 

――How did you feel about the effectiveness of Teachme Biz?

When we change work procedures or methods, of course we also have to revise the manuals. Back at the time when we did not have Teacheme Biz, we had to print out the updated page and send it to each store for replacement. The store then had to send the old one back. It took around 4 days to switch to the latest version. But once we use Teachme Biz, it takes only 1 day now. The time we spend on training staff at new stores is down by 70% compared to the past. Starting up a new store also goes more smoothly.

I took part in making manuals when we first started using Teachme Biz. Even now that I became a person in charge of the Store Management Department, I can feel the ease of work and expect even more excellent results in the future.

Miss Miura said that there are many international staff working in the company, especially Vietnamese staff. But only a few people can speak Vietnamese in the company. Sometimes, I felt frustrated when the training details could not be conveyed properly to let people understand.

I would not have been able to do it without Teachme Biz. Now I could create manuals that can be effectively understood by videos with Vietnamese explanations, a list of vocabulary with pictures, disaster prevention manuals etc.

――How are you planning on using Teachme Biz in the future?

We have used Teachme Biz on some work already at the headquarters. We have some examples of tasks that have already been transferred from paper manuals to Teachme Biz. There are some departments in our company that are still accustomed to verbal communication. I think letting them make paper-based manuals first and then using Teachme Biz to extend the communication might be a good idea.

Finally Mr. Nakaramura mentioned that not all departments use Teachme Biz yet. I plan to recommend it to departments that can make use of it. I will maximize the usage of Teachme Biz to its fullest effectiveness in order to practically follow our company’s philosophy. 

Corporate Info.


Company Name

Manso Co., Ltd.



 1-31 Akebonomachi, Kaita, Aki District, Hiroshima 736-0031, Japan.

Business type

Retail, Super Market

Teachme Biz – Visual SOP Management Platform that simplifies paper-based manuals, Work Instruction, Workflow or SOP into images and videos in step by step approach (Visual-based). You can create, edit and manage working procedure by all devices including mobile phone, tablet and PC. No more frustrating on unclear working instructions in your team. Staff-friendly manuals is far more effective and helps the user actually achieve a task.

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