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We used to receive 20 in-house inquiries a day in the past but now almost 0!  It is also useful as a communication tool.

Introduction Purpose

Create easy-to-use manuals. Cut the cost of manual creation.


The provision of manuals


Internal inquiries reduced from 20 cases a day to almost 0

Company Profile





7-16-23 Iriya, Adachi-ku, Tokyo


100 – 1,000 staffs

Business type

Transportation business


Service taxi

Usage method

Operation and System manual


I want to make a usable manual.

Subaru Transportation Co., Ltd. is a taxi company in Tokyo, a member of the Nihon Kotsu Group. In addition to regular taxi services, we also provide tourist taxi, limousine service, flat-rate taxi, maternity taxi and kids taxi.

―――Please tell us the background why you decided to introduce Teachme Biz?

Mori:  In fact, I have wondered for a long time if the manual is really useful or not. In my previous job, there was a manual written in Microsoft Word, but it took so long to find the part that I wanted to know, and it was difficult to understand, so I always ended up contacting the headquarters.

When I joined Subaru Transportation and worked as a taxi driver, the driver used to use a thick paper manual, and it was difficult to check. I was wondering if this manual really has the function as a manual or not.

In addition, an increase in the number of taxi stands of the Nihon Kotsu Group and the updates of the devices on changes sometimes occur once a month, and we printed out very thick manuals for 500 to 600 people each time.

Mr. Shoichiro Mori, Director, Subaru Transportation Co., Ltd.

―――What is the main reason that you decided to introduce Teachme Biz?

Mori: You can create a manual immediately after taking pictures and/or videos with a smartphone, and it is easy to rearrange steps of the manual. Since manuals are managed in the cloud, I can see the latest manual immediately after someone makes a change. I felt it is easy to use.

Besides it does not take that much initial cost, so I thought we shall try it and decided to introduce Teachme Biz.

For the environment where you find the manual useful

―――How did you proceed with the introduction of Teachme Biz?

Kondo: After creating 150 manuals out of 200 manuals that currently exist, we informed all drivers about the introduction of Teachme Biz. 

We decided to announce to the drivers only after preparing necessary manuals to some extent because we wanted to prevent the situation like “this and that is not listed in the manual.”

Also I thought that way is better because the drivers would utilize the manuals when they feel it is convenient and this gets the introduction of Teachme Biz going smoothly. Originally, there were paper-based manuals, so I spent about a month or two creating manuals by Teachme Biz based on the paper manuals. 

Subaru Transportation Co., Ltd. Human Resources Department Chief of Education, Mr. Daisuke Kondo

At first, the average age of the drivers was about 50, and some didn’t have smartphones while others were not good at using it, so I used to sit next to them and teach how to use Teachme Biz. Now 80% of the drivers use Teachme Biz on their smartphones.

―――What kind of manual do you create?

Kondo: Currently, we utilize manuals for payment method, user guide of taxi meter, daily maintenance, and explanations of tourist spots etc., in order to help the drivers. A number of manuals increases by 5 up to 10 every month.

Internal inquiry becomes almost 0 by Teachme Biz! Customer satisfaction level has also been increased.

―――How was the effect of introducing Teachme Biz?

Kondo: Before introducing Teachme Biz, there were about 20 inquiries coming to the Sales Office everyday such as checking device user guide and payment method, but now there are almost no inquiries.

I feel that the work efficiency has been considerably improved. I have also heard from the drivers who actually use Teachme Biz that it is easy to use.

There are staff members at the sales office 24 hours a day, but there was a problem that the number of people was fewer at midnight, so it was hard for the drivers to reach out to the Sales Office. But with Teachme Biz, the problem can be solved by him/herself.

There were 1-2 payment errors a week due to driver’s mistakes, but now they are almost 0. Customers often use taxis when they are in a hurry, and drivers sometimes make a mistake when they do not know how to use the payment device.

However, Teachme Biz is helpful because we can operate while checking on actual spots. If we make a mistake, it will be troublesome for customers, and of course, the staff at the Sales Office needs to take time and effort to make the correction. Now that error has been resolved and our business is running smoothly.

Teachme Biz is also used for education. Even though we still hand out paper manuals to new employees, but only for notes taking purpose. When they become independent as a driver, they need to remember how to use the devices through the review on Teachme Biz. I also guide them to be able to do self-directed learning on Teachme Biz in their spare time in case that they wonder “How to do this and that?”

―――Please tell us your future utilization plans.

Kondo: At the moment, we only have manuals for drivers, but in the future we would like to create office manuals for internal employees as well.

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