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Teachme Biz is not a “manual to read” but a “manual to look at”

Introduction Purpose

Standardize a high level of work standard and improve work efficiency


Manuals made in the past were text-based, no one read them


Time spent making a manual reduced to ⅕.  Quickly solve customer problems by just sharing manual URL.

Company Profile

Kodato Kaikei Public Tax Accountant’s Corp




5-4-6 Nishikasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo Earls Court 302


50 – 100 staffs

Business type

Financial business


Accounting and Human resource consulting

Usage method

Back office manual, Operation and System manual


The ones that people actually use are the “visualized manuals”

The reason we decided to bring in Teachme Biz was that we can understand it instinctively. We have been making manuals a long time ago, but they were mainly filled with sentences. In the end, nobody used them. They ended up being made just to satisfy the makers themselves. Despite having manuals, staff did not use them and just worked the way they wanted.

However, since we could share the easy-to-understand manuals with everyone after bringing in Teachme Biz, we could establish a high level of work standard and enhance work efficiency. It has changed from a “manual to read” to a “manual to look at”.

Time spent making manuals has been significantly improved after starting to use Teachme Biz. The person in charge of making manuals shockingly expressed, “give me back all those time I have spent.” The impact was that big.

Improve customer satisfaction by uploading manuals in cloud.

We use manuals not only for internal work but also for customers. Up until now, we responded to questions from customers such as accounting procedures, by telephone or e-mail, but we were facing communication problems. Then with Teachme Biz, we just have to send the manual’s URL to them, and it solves the problem in a matter of seconds. Fast, easy-to-understand, no mistakes, all sorts of good things in one.


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