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Teachme Biz is an essential tool for the company to grow rapidly and internationally by solving geographical challenges both in Malaysian market where the country is divided into east and west across the sea and global market.

Introduction Purpose

To standardize services both at around 440 outlets in Malaysia and overseas outlets


Training cost is high, Difficulty in managing manuals


Reduce the training cost and Improve the efficiency of creating and sharing SOP

Company Profile

Secret Recipe Cakes & Cafe Sdn Bhd




42, Jalan SS 25/28 Taman Mayang 47301 Petaling Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan


Over 440 outlets around the world including Malaysia

Business type

Food and Beverage (F&B)


Café Chain

Usage method

Recipe, Shop operation and System manual


Company Profile

Secret Recipe is the largest café chain in Malaysia offering “Sweet Moments and Sweet Memories in their life”with an extensive range of fine quality cakes as well as an extensive menu of Asian and Western cuisine.

Since Secret Recipe opened first store in 1997 in Petaling Jaya, which is developed as a satellite city for Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Secret Recipe grew rapidly and currently operates more than 440 outlets across Asia Pacific region such as Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Maldives etc including around 320 outlets in Malaysia. Secret Recipe also plans to expand further into new overseas market such as Philippines, New York and even Middle East as well as further domestic store expansion in Malaysia. Actually Secret Recipe plans to open new outlets in Philippines and New York this year.

Therefore, we talked to Secret Recipe which continue to expand business steadily about why did Secret Recipe introduce Teachme Biz and how is the effectiveness of Teachme Biz.

The challenge of standardizing services in Malaysia where the country is geographically separated by sea.

―――What made you decide to introduce Teachme Biz?

Due to the geographical features of Malaysia where the country is separated by the South China Sea into two regions, we had difficulty in standardizing employee skills and service quality and thus the training cost tend to be high.

At that time, Texchem, operating the largest conveyor belt sushi restaurant chain “Sushi King”in Malaysia, that had already introduced Teachme Biz recommended it to us. After having discussion with Texchem about the features of Teachme Biz, we found it that Teachme Biz was very attractive as a tool and immediately decided to start a research team for Teachme Biz.

Afterwards, we had an opportunity to have a presentation introducing the functions of Teachme Biz in detail and we decided to use Teachme Biz for the trial.

―――What was the main reason why you decide to officially introduce Teachme Biz from the trial?

The biggest reason for it was Teachme Biz was very easy to search in the SOP. Before using Teachme Biz, we used paper manuals and we had difficulty in finding necessary information and even did not know where should we look at in SOP in order to find the information. However, after the introduction to Teachme Biz, now it is very easy to browse and find necessary information by mean of simply launching the app, typing a word and searching.

Another reason is that any employees can create manuals efficiently and easily because manuals are made by mainly videos and images. From the viewpoint of viewers, it is also easier to understand the video and picture-based manuals rather than manuals with only text and thus we think that Teachme Biz is more effective than conventional training method.

User-friendly tool for both the creators and the viewers

Visual-based SOP actually used in stores

―――How did you make Teachme Biz penetrate within the company?

We begin using Teachme Biz in all outlets in Malaysia since September 2019. At an intial stage of introducing Teachme Biz, the training manager carefully examine the current manuals and uploaded all necessary content for outlets to the cloud. 

There was no major issue during the introduction process and the transition from the paper manual to the app was conducted very smoothly. As for how to use, we got used to it immediately after using it several times and did not feel any difficulty. In particular, the younger generation is familiar with using a variety of apps and thus they can learn it quickly. Through my experience in using Teachme Biz, I feel that Teachme Biz is very useful not only because it is easy to create manuals but also because you can check the progress of SOP implementation and grasp operational situation at each store through Teachme Biz.

Although SOP is written in English, we try to make manuals simple by means of using mainly videos and photos, which enables both employees who are not good at English and younger employees who are aliteracy to understand the contents very easily.

Teachme Biz change all outlets to the education centers

Secret Recipe with multi-store development

―――How do you feel about the effectiveness of Teachme Biz?

Compared to before the introduction, we feel that Teachme Biz helps us to reduce various training cost and to improve the efficiency of creating and sharing SOP.

Previously, new employees visited headquarters in Petaling Jaya for training and the store farthest away from the headquarters was 1,900 km in a straight line distance and thus some employees had to use airplanes and the cost such as transportation was high. However, with Teachme Biz, training can be conducted at each store which resulted in the reduction in travel expense and thus the time spent on business trips can be effectively utilized. In addition, we do not need to print paper manuals for training, which is cost and environmentally friendly.

In terms of efficiency, we are grateful that we don’t have to distribute the latest manual data every time and each outlet does not have to keep paper manuals. We can instantly share, modify and reflect new SOPs and each outlet can immediately check the latest SOP through Teachme Biz app, which enable us to train new employee easily both in the corporate-owned chains and the franchised chains. We feel the ease of use every day.

SOP being accessible to anyone regardless of distance and language helps company to grow internationally

―――Please tell us about your future plan.

We consider introducing Teachme Biz in overseas oultets in the future.Since we can create visual-based SOP that does not rely solely on language, we think that introducing and operating Teachme Biz at overseas outlets can be smoothly conducted as well as in Malaysia.

We hope that Teachme Biz will continue to support our growth in Malaysia and global markets.

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