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IHI Asia Pacific (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Improving individual work efficiency by preparing manuals that can be understood by National staff

Worksite without standardized work procedure

Mr. Yamaguchi: The Chonburi Plant in Thailand mainly provides maintenance services for machinery such as plastic and tire generating machines, rolling machines, and calendar rolls. Having about 15 Japanese and Thai national staff working here, we had been experiencing issues with the lack of workflow and procedures, as well as information sharing. While searching for a solution, we came across “Teachme Biz” and thought it could be used as a platform to develop business processes and share knowledge.

Mr. Takahiro Yamaguchi , Genereal Manager

Understandable manuals with photos and videos using Teachme Biz

Mr. Yamaguchi: Before the introduction of Teachme Biz, there were not many manuals in place, and if there were, they were mainly in Japanese brought in from Japan, with some translated into English and Thai. As a result, those manuals were no longer used, and training was mostly conducted orally, resulting in daily problems with work procedures and processes in the factory. After introducing “Teachme Biz,” the procedures can be visualized with visual elements of photos and videos to convey the work in more detail. We also find it very easy to handle since we can easily create manuals onsite.

Promoting the use of it through regular meetings

Mr. Yamaguchi: At first, the national staff seemed a bit intimidated by the new tool, but they soon became accustomed to it because it is so easy to use. Now, once a month, a regular “Teachme Biz” meeting is held mainly by the national staff, where we discuss how we have devised ways to make the manuals we have created permeate the workplace and how we will utilize them in the future. The fact that such discussions are held is proof that the use of “Teachme Biz” itself has become a culture within the company.

Improvement of individual competence through creation of manuals

Mr. Yamaguchi: In the first year of implementation, we focused on creating manuals. We even set a goal for each staff member of performance evaluation, and created at least 10 manuals per person, so now we have more than 300 manuals for the entire company.

We mainly use “Teachme Biz” to incorporate technical maintenance procedures that had not been visualized before. It is essential to have a prior understanding of the content and know-how of the work in order to create these manuals, t herefore, we believe that the creation of the manuals themselves will lead to an improvement in the understanding and competence of each individual’s work.

Transforming employees’ skills into organizational knowledge by creating WI manuals through Teachme Biz.

To reduce work errors, employees can refer to the Teachme Biz manual.

K. Bird: We start the training process with on-the-job training (OJT). Subsequently, when employees work independently, should they have any doubts about specific work procedures, they can refer to the Teachme Biz manual anytime.

This self-reliance allows all employees, regardless of their level, to consistently perform their tasks to a high standard, eliminating the issue of forgetting procedures and minimizing on-the-job errors

K. Kong: I used to face challenges in training my new colleagues and getting confused about work procedures sometimes. However, since we started using Teachme Biz, it has become much easier. When we need to work on-site, referring to the standard procedure is now a breeze because we can access it online. 

Additionally, the process of creating manuals has become much more streamlined. From my personal experience of previously creating manuals using MS Excel, switching to Teachme Biz has become easier and significantly expedited the manual creation process. It has saved us about half the time to create a manual.

(Left) K. Songklod Jittangtrong (Bird), Supervisor
(Right) K. Nakarin Thiangpa (Kong), Supervisor

Set up standard work procedures in Thailand using “Teachme Biz”

Mr. Yamaguchi: There are still some more that need to be created, such as work procedures as well as work procedures and manuals that are necessary for internal and external processes to run. So we will continue to create new manuals in the future. As a next step, we would like to periodically brush up on the manuals we have created, revise and review them over time, and maintain the latest and correct manuals in place.

We also have technical assistants from Japan who come to Thailand to provide on-the-job training. We’d like to make sure that these valuable opportunities do not end there and that the know-how and knowledge gained from these training sessions are preserved in “Teachme Biz” and become an asset to the company.


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Business Type Parking Systems, Logistics Automatic Systems, Package Boilers, Industrial Compressors, Sanitising Solutions, Industrial Solutions, After-Sale Services, Monitoring & Analysis Service
Usage Sharing of rules and work manuals in the field



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