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Embedded Software Development for Automotive Use and Import/Export of Electronic Components

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Aiming for Standardization of Operations and Encouraging Voluntary Manual Creation

Sense of Crisis in ‘Black-Box’ and Person-dependent Jobs

Mr. Kusumoto : Our business is largely divided into two parts. One is the development of embedded software for automotive use, such as motor control for hybrid cars and EV motor control. The second mainly involves the import and export of electronic components such as semiconductors and substrates.

Our HR & GA Department has long faced the challenge of tasks becoming ‘black-boxed’ and person-dependent. Within a small team, tasks tend to be biased towards individuals. If a staff member resigns or has to be away from work for a long time due to illness or personal circumstances, no one else knows how to carry out their tasks. We have always been alongside this risk and have constantly felt a sense of crisis that we need to escape from this situation.


Mr. Hiroshi Kusumoto, General Manager HR & GA Department

Difficulty of Manual Creation and Constant Updating

Mr. Kusumoto : To avoid this risk, we have been working on creating manuals for several years now. By creating and sharing a manual, we aimed to process our operations in such a way that everyone could produce the same output and work with the same quality. However, creating a manual is so difficult. Some people use Excel or Word, while others create with PowerPoint, and the creation process was far from smooth.

Even if a manual was created once, it’s rarely been updated and become a mere formality. The fundamental issue is that we always need to update our manuals. We have been constantly searching for a user-friendly tool to do so.

Ease of Use was the Deciding Factor for Implementation

Mr. Kusumoto : The deciding factor in implementing Teachme Biz was its ease of use. We had been experiencing difficulties with the complexity of creating and updating manuals, but with Teachme Biz, manuals can be created and updated casually. That’s the key point. Teachme Biz has a fixed format, so all you have to do is insert images or videos to easily create or update your manuals, which has been well accepted by our staff. 

It’s been about a year since we implemented it, I feel that there have already been positive changes within the department. For instance, after the meetings to have discussions, I’ve recently heard phrases such as  “I will summarize it in Teachme Biz” or “I have updated it, please check it later” from our staff. It seems we are gradually getting into the habit of updating them ourselves.

Recently, one of our employees resigned. Before that employee left, we had him document all of his work in Teachme Biz. Thanks to the manual he created, his successor was able to start working on their own immediately. The fact that we’ve successfully and smoothly transferred tasks even without a trainer is a significant achievement.

 Teachme Biz saves up to 148 hours per year for our team training

K. Sriumporn : Our training group uses Teachme Biz for training when onboarding new employees as well as for annual refreshment training.

When recruiting new employees, the training team will have to spend a total of 2 days training on regulations and organizational culture. On days when there is training, the training team need to stay overtime to clear other tasks.

But with Teachme Biz, we can just simply upload training videos that employees can watch by themselves anytime. If there is any point that they don’t understand, they can come back and look at the manual. It helps reduce questions from both new and current employees. We can work more efficiently as well as saving time for training team up to 148 hours per year.

New staff can perform at the same standard as other members by using Teachme Biz in 1 week

K. Buchika : In our GA group, we use Teachme Biz to streamline internal communication and provide answers to employee inquiries. Previously, we spent 4-5 hours each day addressing employee questions. Now, when employees have any questions, we simply provide them with the comprehensive manuals available on Teachme Biz, allowing them to self-study. As a result, we now spend just 1 hour providing support for the inquiries.

Additionally, we’ve encountered situations where team members have left the company, leaving only a few of us in the team. In such cases, Teachme Biz comes to the rescue, enabling new employees to independently learn their roles by accessing our SOP on  Teachme Biz. Remarkably, within just one week, these new team members can perform at the same standard as the rest of the team.

(Left) K. Sriumporn On-amphon (Kay), Training Group Manager | HR & GA Department
(Right) K. Buchika Suntadchaiyo (Gift), GA Group Officer | HR & GA Department

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Expand the Scope of Use

Mr. Kusumoto : There are three main areas we are considering for future use. 

The first is to expand from the current main users, the HR & GA department, to other departments and the entire company. Some departments, such as accounting and IT, have already started using it, and we are planning to fully implement it in the next fiscal year. At the same time, each business department also has standardized manuals and procedures, so we want to roll it out to the Software Development department and the Devices Sales department in long term.

The second is to digitize lecture-style training. We have this training that we must conduct every year, and it is conducted in a lecture style without interactivity, so we want to convert it into video content. By doing so, we can reduce the burden and time required for training, also create an environment where anyone can watch it at any time.

Finally, we want to use these created materials in other countries. Teachme Biz can be accessed from any country, so we want to create materials in English and deploy them not only in Thailand, but also in our foreign branches in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and India. We want all members of ASEAN to be able to receive the same training.

System to Ensure Reproducibility

Mr. Kusumoto : As for the effect of introducing Teachme Biz, of course, there is the effect of reducing the time and effort required for manual creation and training. However, I don’t place much importance on that. Rather, what’s important is that anyone can perform the job with the same quality. We want to avoid a situation where different people produce different outputs. After all, the current significance of Teachme Biz in our company is that it enables us to create a system that ensures reproducibility.

I have always tell our members to create “Next Normal”. I would be happy if using Teachme Biz become that “Next Normal” and they reflexively say, “I have already done it in Teachme Biz.”

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Embedded Software Development for Automotive Use and Import/Export of Electronic Components

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Standardization of operations is realized through clear manuals


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