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Enhance efficiency in responding to customer inquiries with detail and speed

Objective: Utilization in customer support

Challenge: Difficulty in creating and managing manuals

Effect: Reduction in inquiries after implementation

Supporting the Improvement and Efficiency of Corporate Operations

  • Please tell us about the business overview of GlobalB Inc.

Ms. Tagawa: Our company is engaged in system development, business improvement consulting, web production, video production, and SNS advertising. Our headquarters are located in Nagasaki Prefecture, and we also have bases in Thailand and Vietnam.

In addition, we are an official partner of Cybozu Inc., and we operate the multilingual support and integration service “LITONE” for Cybozu’s cloud service “kintone”. By utilizing “LITONE”, advanced features will be applied which allow users to easily output quotations and invoices from data registered in “kintone”,to PDF or Excel formats, or even send those documents to addresses registered on “kintone”These enable further improvement in business efficiency.

Ms. Yoshimi Tagawa, System Analyst 

  • Could you tell us about the background of adopting Teachme Biz?

Ms. Tagawa: Originally, we used PowerPoint to create manuals for “LITONE,” but it was time-consuming and labor-intensive to create them. Additionally, with every update to the functionality, we had to make revisions and share them with customers each time, which required a significant amount of work. A few years ago, we changed from PowerPoint to another application, which alleviated some of the difficulty, but we were still not getting around to it, and looking for a better service..

It was around that time that we were introduced to Studist Thailand by Cybozu team at an exhibition in Thailand, and after hearing the details about Teachme Biz, we decided to implement it.

The user experience exceeded our expectations in a good way. Smoothly apply multilingual supports

  • Did you have any concerns about implementing Teachme Biz?

Ms. Tagawa: I didn’t have any particular concerns. To be honest, when I was first introduced to Teachme Biz, I wasn’t expecting much. The transition from PowerPoint to another application had only made things “a little easier,” so I didn’t think this time would bring any dramatic changes either. However, since it was recommended to us, we decided to give it a try and were surprised to find that creating and managing manuals became much easier than we had imagined.

  • In what aspects did you find Teachme Biz easy to use?

Ms. Tagawa: It’s easy to insert images and videos into manuals created with Teachme Biz, and the step-by-step structure makes the content clearer to understand. A significant improvement was the resolution of the issue we had before the introduction, which was to create a new version every time there was an update. Now, we only need to update the relevant sections, which has reduced the time spent on such tasks.

Mr. Anan: The smoothness of multilingual support was also a key point. When we were creating manuals in PowerPoint, the number of characters varied with each language, so we had to rearrange the layout each time to fit it nicely on the screen, which was a waste of time. With Teachme Biz, since the image and video fields are clearly separated from the text fields, changes in the number of characters don’t affect it, and we can always maintain a clean layout.

Mr. Anan Santayati, Managing Director

  • Could you tell us specifically how you implemented Teachme Biz?

Ms. Tagawa: We began by identifying the items that required manual creation. While getting accustomed to Teachme Biz by actually using it, we spent about two months internally organizing and listing our current manuals, and from there, we moved on to the actual transfer of the manuals. The Studist team conducted follow-ups every other week, so we were able to create the manuals smoothly without any trouble such as not knowing how to use the platform.

Mr. Anan: Since we could expect to finish the Japanese version of the manual in about a month, we immediately started working on the English version as well. Instead of creating the English manuals one by one in the order they were listed, we created them in sequence, starting with the highest priority items and those that customers had inquired about.

Significant reduction in the time spent on inquiry responses. We can feel that we are truly helping our customers.

  • Please tell us how you utilize Teachme Biz for your customers.

Ms. Tagawa: When customers sign up for “LINTONE,” we create an environment that allows them easy access by embedding a link to the Teachme Biz-created manual in the management screen by default. Previously, when we received inquiries from customers, we would exchange several emails or set up a separate online meeting via Zoom or another service to solve the issues. However, after the introduction of Teachme Biz, we can now simply send a link to the relevant manual, which has enabled us to quickly resolve customer issues. If we receive an inquiry that does not have a manual, we create one immediately so that we can respond to the same inquiry in the future.

Mr.Anan: One feature that I found convenient after starting to use it is the ability to copy and share links for multiple folders. Previously, we had to send each related manual one by one, but with Teachme Biz, we can organize folders within the drive and share them with the customer using a single link. I think it’s much more convenient for the customer to be able to share folders collectively and intuitively search for the information they want without having to check each link individually.

[Sample Manual] LITONE usage online manual created via Teachme Biz

  • How about other changes?

Ms. Tagawa: It’s  great that Teachme Biz allows us to see how many times manuals have been viewed. Knowing that a manual has been viewed 700 times in a month means we’ve reduced the need for 700 instances of responding to inquiries, which not only motivates us to enhance our manuals further but also gives us the satisfying realization that we are truly helping our customers.

K.Anan: Previously, there could be 5 to 10 rounds of email exchanges for a single inquiry. Currently, just sending a Teachme Biz link is enough, so we can finish the interaction in one round. I believe that speed is what customers are looking for when they make an inquiry, so this has been very helpful.


Teachme Biz x LITONE

We want to continue to enrich both internal and external manuals and provide meticulous support.

  • Please tell us about your future outlook regarding the use of Teachme Biz.

Ms. Tagawa: Now that the customer-facing manuals are quite well-established, we want to start creating manuals for internal use. We originally introduced Teachme Biz for customer manuals, although after starting to use it, we realized that having internal manuals would be also convenient for new employee training and handover of duties.

K.Anan: We want to expand the manuals so that they can address any questions customers may have. For example, we sometimes receive inquiries like, “I don’t know how to refresh the browser when updates aren’t reflected properly.” Although these aren’t questions about our service itself, we often receive the same questions and have had to spend time guiding each customer. After the introduction of Teachme Biz, the significant reduction in support time has given us the space to address these finer points. We want to continue to provide detailed support to our customers in the future.

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