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DAIM Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Creating Understandable Manuals to Facilitate Communication Among Employees and Between Bases

Purpose:Creation Standardization of operations, development of multi-skilled staff, smooth transfer of production between bases.

Issues:Difficult-to-read manuals and unstable factory operations due to high personnel turnover.

Outcome:Visualization of operations through the establishment of manuals understandable to all, utilization as a sales material.

Underutilized Confusing Mixed Multiple Languages Paper Manuals

DAIM Vietnam, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DAIICHI-VINYL CO.,LTD. was established in 2012 and currently employs about 100 people, including two Japanese expats, to produce materials for gardening, currently exporting to 13 countries including Japan, the United States, Europe, and Australia. Although the Japanese headquarter had implemented Teachme Biz, we had not considered its introduction in Vietnam. However, after being introduced by a Japanese local bank representative to Studist Thailand and learnt about the details of the service and its overseas use cases, we realized that our company faced similar issues that Teachme Biz users have. Manuals were created in Excel, printed out and distributed, but these were rarely used or updated. In particular, the mix of Japanese and Vietnamese languages made them difficult to read and understand, which is likely why the manuals became merely formalities.

Mr. Kobayashi, General Manager

Stabilizing Factory Operations and Audits Contributed to the Decision

Given the high turnover of personnel, we believed that implementing Teachme Biz would be effective in maintaining stable factory operations. Hearing how digitized manuals could be very useful during factory audits was one of the factors that led to our decision to adopt the service, and the affordability also made the decision easy. Our employees, who are young and proactive about new things, have made good use of Teachme Biz since its implementation. With advice from Studist, we spent three months developing the manuals, and already completed over 100 of them. Vietnamese staff involved in the creation process have been very surprised at how easy it is.

Utilizing Not Just for Internal Manuals but Also as Sales Materials

We have created new manuals for operations such as machinery handling and quality inspection, which did not exist before. Going forward, we plan to create new structures with Teachme Biz, rather than just replacing current manuals.
We also use Teachme Biz on sales occasions. By attaching Teachme Biz QR codes to brochures of the manufacturing line, we can now show manuals to overseas buyers visiting our factory. We have also started using it as a sales material to demonstrate product specifications and usage, allowing us to clearly convey the appeal of our products in negotiations in different languages, and we are accumulating a track record of being chosen over other suppliers.

[DAIM Vietnam Co., Ltd. – Sample Manual]

Aiming for Standardized Operations, Raising Multi-skilled Employees, and Smooth Production Transfer Between Overseas Bases

After implementation, we discovered that some employees on-site were unable to fully read text-only manuals. Teachme Biz allows to create manuals with photos and videos, making them easy to understand for anyone, which has been well-received by the staff. We aim to further refine them based on feedback from on-site employees to contribute to standardized operations and the multi-skilling of employees. Once Teachme Biz is firmly established in Vietnam, we believe it will also be possible to expand common materials to our group companies. We have felt significant challenges in sharing information between bases when transferring production, but if we can directly translate the manuals created in Vietnam into Chinese, we can solve this issue.

Using as Notes without Aiming for 100% Completed Quality

Our mindset towards creation has changed since Studist advised us that it’s okay to record manuals in a note-like manner without aiming for perfection. I am currently working on creating handover documents between Japanese expats. Especially in a management position with many non-routine tasks, I truly feel that Teachme Biz is proving its value. We would like to continue expanding its use to back-office operations in the future.

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